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One of the main uses of Pod is educational video, the growth of which is linked to that of MOOCs.

This format has the advantage of adapting to a wide range of content: commented slide show, software video tutorial, filmed course or conference, illustration of a course concept (practical work, natural phenomenon, etc.) and many more. other.

With the democratization of recording devices (smartphone and tablet, webcam, capture software, etc.), content creation is within the reach of anyone. Of course, professional recording studios can be used by staff if a certain level of quality is required.

Plus, Pod's access control and sharing options make it easy to make videos available on Moodle or any other platform.


Provide information

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Details concerning the organization of the course to be provided, practical work or homework instructions to be shared, or an administrative procedure to be detailed? This is the kind of service Pod can do for you.

Record a video message from your computer, upload it in seconds on the platform and distribute it on Moodle or by email. You will improve communication with students and they will be better informed.


Communicate outside INSA Rennes

Share iconWhether you are a teacher or a staff member, Pod allows you to communicate with partners outside INSA Rennes.

Indeed, thanks to the public sharing option by password, you will be able to give access to a video to a defined audience, whether they are professors or students from another institution, partners in the sector. private sector or associations with which you collaborate on an educational project.

You maintain control over your content and you can be sure that it is not polluted by the ads so common on other video services.


Stream courses

INSA Rennes teachers and staff have the possibility of streaming their lessons in two ways with the Directs function : 

     - or in a room equipped with video equipment and connected to the Internet;

     - or from their own computer by installing streaming software .

Do not hesitate to ask your local ISD correspondent for the procedure to follow to distribute your content.


Go further with Pod

Space rocket iconThe few uses presented on this page are only suggestions and it's up to you to define the use of Pod that suits you!

Note that many other features are present on the platform, such as adding information (description, contributors, etc.), documents (transcription, TP files, etc.) and subtitles (several languages ​​are available. allowed), chaptering (useful for long videos), enrichment via textual information (part titles, text overlay) or multimedia elements (website, image, video, etc.).


What not to do with Pod

Prohibited direction iconBe careful, however, there are prohibited uses on Pod!

For example, it is forbidden to host a video retrieved from YouTube or of which you are not the author. In this case, it is best to redirect users to the original site.

Likewise, any video that has no connection with your activities within INSA Rennes has no reason to be stored on Pod. This type of content will more easily find its place on a mainstream online video service, such as YouTube or Dailymotion.

Also, be sure to respect the image rights of people who may be in your videos. Thus, it is necessary to have the written consent of the students to use their images. For more information on this subject, please check with the school's DPO.


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