Notice to contributors

Please pay attention to the naming of your videos when uploading.

For example:

  • The title should be understandable by everyone and not just you (even in the case of an integration in Moodle).
  • Fill in correctly the courses, disciplines, channels, keywords, etc ... this helps users find videos.
  • Avoid extensions in video titles (.mp4, .webm, ...)
  • Do not hesitate to enrich the information of your video, with subtitles, chapters, attached documents (slides).

in addition, the videos in "Draft" mode are not visible on POD, so do not hesitate to publish your videos in order to bring the platform to life outside of Moodle.

All this in order to keep this platform pleasant for users and usable in the long term for administrators and yourself ...

Thanks for your understanding.

Use pod for...

Video is a media of choice when it comes to communicating, teaching, and learning. Here are a few uses that may be of interest to you.

How to

Do you want to upload your own content? This Quick Start Guide will walk you through the basics of Pod.


If you want to embed existing media in your videos, it is necessary to respect copyright. Read this note to see more clearly.