• Intro : système à deux niveaux dans un four
  • Processus d'émission spontanée et d'absorption
  • Bilan détaillé et émission stimulée
  • Compléments sur les résultats d'Einstein
  • Exercice d'application : recombinaison par émission spontanée
  • Notion de règle de sélection
  • Comparaison de l'efficacité des processus

Creative Commons license [GPM08-POM] Optical properties of materials - Part I.2 - Einstein coefficients [May 9, 2020]


Optical Properties of Materials - 4gpm

Part I.2 of the course: equilibrium of a two-level system with thermal radiation and Einstein coefficients. In order to reproduce Boltzmann's law on the thermal equilibrium of a simple system (two-level system) with the radiation of a black body, Einstein had to postulate the existence of an emission mechanism that had never been observed: stimulated emission, in addition to the two already identified which are spontaneous emission and absorption. We shall also see that he deduced relationships between the efficiencies of these three mechanisms.

Tags: coefficients d'einstein processus d'absorption et d'emission proprietes optiques des materiaux



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